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Improvements Xcos Compilation

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Obsolete Functions Taken off Functions Pest Fixes

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A warning have been added for 1 . /x and 1 . \x syntax clarification. A new output debate has been included with regexp function to get subpatterns fits. See SEP # eighty six.

Console command history has become stored in SCIHOME/history п¬Ѓle below all websites. In Scilab documentation, 'scilab: needs-examples=" no" ' indicate has been included in specify the fact that help web page does not need case in point.

New xmlName function added to retrieve the name of any XML aspect. clc(): New icon inside the toolbar to clear the gaming console. See Pest # 12049. test_run no more takes into account missed tests inside the summary. Observe Bug # 12117.


New Flowmeter block in the thermohydraulics colour scheme added to measure a thermohydraulics flow. Colour scheme icons and a few blocks object rendering improved. xcosPalGenerateAllIcons function added as a Xcos

palette power function. New ODE solver added LSodar automatically switches methods to efficiently solve both equally stiff and nonstiff problems. It includes a rootfinding characteristic. Two fresh fixed-size stage ODE solvers added Dormand-Prince 4(5) and Runge-Kutta 4(5) have been put into the CVode package. They also benefit through the rootfinding feature. Implicit fixed-size stop ODE solver added Implicit Runge-Kutta 4(5) also benefits in the CVode rootfinding feature. Obstruct parameter mistakes (types and sizes) confirming improved. Some scopes blink on simulation avoided.

Two new instructions added: w For SciNotes:

scinotes modules/core/macros/whos. sci unwraps a п¬Ѓle. If the п¬Ѓle does not exist, SciNotes suggests to create it. scinotes -indent modules/core/macros/whos. sci

allows to indent immediately a Scilab п¬Ѓle. t For Xcos:

xcos modules/xcos/examples/integral. xcos starts the integral Xcos schema. If the п¬Ѓle does not can be found, Xcos offers to create this.

Search is actually possible in the console. Shortcut F3 or CTRL+F allows it. Observe Bug # 11841. editvar proposes immediate save for the CSV formatting of the

whole variable or maybe the selection. Conclusion in Scilab is now circumstance insensitive. Find Bug # 6320.


Enforce a minor version of Flexdock (1. 2 . 3). Enforce a minimal version of JLaTeXMath (1. 0. 2). Enforce a small version of Scirenderer (1. 1 . 0). Enforce a minimal version of XMLGraphics (1. 4).

variance is now vectorized and allows the syntax variance(x, " *", w). See Bug # 12362.

Scilab your five. 4. one particular Release Notes - 1 В© 2013 -- Scilab Businesses


Obsolete Function

fit_dat() getfont() getlinestyle() getmark() getsymbol() winclose()

New Function

datafit() ged() ged() ged() ged() close() set() get() ged()

Removed in Scilab 5. five. 0 Scilab 5. your five. 0


See Bug # 9306.

Scilab a few. 5. zero Scilab your five. 5. zero Scilab 5. 5. 0


Scilab 5. five. 0


Taken out Function

chartoeom() eomtochar() config() createpopup() mtlb_conv mtlb_repmat() neldermead_display nmplot_display optimbase_display optimsimplex_print optimsimplex_tostring ricc_old() showalluimenushandles() with_pvm() with_texmacs() xbasr() xselect() 1

Fresh Function


preferences() uicontextmenu() conv() repmat()


string() ricc() set(get(0), " ShowHiddenHandles", " on" ) getversion() TeXmacs is actually an ATOMS module. you Automatically been able by Scilab now. show_window()

More details on:

Scilab 5. 4. 1 Specifications - two В© 2013 - Scilab Enterprises


Scilab w # 2547 -- Small size marks weren't correctly released. w # 3313 -- In the documentation, the title of the link used the XML id instead of the title from the page. t # 4504 - sskf function would not work with two outputs (corresponding help site updated). w # 4405 - qr() was terribly documented. watts # 4946 - Negative rendering of a giant rotated packaging. w # 5291 -- strtod went back 0 when no real number was detected. watts # 5478 - Scilab could not end up being started which has a non readable/writeable SCIHOME. watts #...

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