How Low fat Manufacturing Program Has Better the Production

 How Low fat Manufacturing Program Has Increased the Production Article


S. G. LEWIS-Industrial Anatomist Undergraduate( AIT, Thailand)


The objective of this research is to explain how a Sri Lankan tire organization named Loadstar private limited implemented Trim manufacturing program and how they improved their particular production through Lean making principles. This also gives you essence of Lean making system accustomed to reach the supreme goal of accelerating productions of Loadstar exclusive limited. All of us initiated each of our study simply by collecting info on development process and wastages in the factory and analyzing info and plotting necessary graphs. Through this we determined main and crucial factors such as lead time, equipment downtime, material waste, problems and styles etc . We focused on gross annual production & defects, machine down time, time study and factory design to implement Lean manufacturing and prevented failure elements such as significantly less financial ability for consultation, less command and administration of main team members. Following implementation of Lean rules the company confirmed apparent progress in total annual productions, decreased wastages, fewer machine downtimes and efficient factory styles. Results of our research were favoring the concept of Lean making being a highly productive and successful method. It came to the conclusion and proven that Trim manufacturing strategy is a reliable method of improving creation process of comparable sorts of stock lines including Loadstar non-public limited in Sri Lanka.


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Table of Contents3

1 Introduction4

1 ) 1 Background4

1 . two Statement of Problem5

1 ) 3 Objective6

1 . 4 Scope and Limitations6

2 Methodology8

three or more Results13

5 Conclusion18

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1 . 1 Background Information

In a fast-paced world, it's no wonder that " Lean” is a latest parole to describe from cuisine to business strategies. Lean Developing is a management philosophy in addition to a strategic application that is used to get rid of waste and to improve the efficiency and effective of an organization (Keegan, 1997). Then how come shouldn't we all go Slim? This was a question that Loadstar Pvt. Limited had five years ago.

Loadstar is known as a joint venture involving the Jinasena Group (1905) and the Solideal group of Belgium (1984). This brought together the proven executive and managing skills with the JGC (Jinasena Group Of Companies) and the specialized comprehension in tire style and production expertise, to advertise through Solideal. In addition to solid wheels, Loadstar companies pneumatic wheels, rims and rubber songs and supplies about 90% of Solideals product necessity. Loadstar has exploded leaps and bounds for being what it is today. It is using over 7000 employees in six manufacturing plants and plays a part in over several. 5% of Sri Lankan total exports (Kariyakarawana, 2008).

Loadstar has continuing to expand rapidly over the last 25 years and has worked to improve the productivity and ensure conformity to ascertain a quality development system through implementing Slim Manufacturing Program and constantly upgrading employee's skills. This kind of dissertation targets how Low fat Implementation superior the tonnage of the creation of Ekala Tire division -2.

This manufacturing plant is allocated to produce solid tires, the two black and greyish and is using many new techniques in both supervision and software. It has five main creation lines making different types of wheels such as Resilient-60%, Press on-35%, Cured on-5%, T 12 Line and Injection molding line. ETD-2 has a development...

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