How to start a persuasive essay: it’s not difficult, indeed

A piece of writing, illustrating a certain perspective and providing evidence to back that perspective, is known as a persuasive essay. Having much common with an argumentative essay, the very logic of this type of essay can be built around pure emotion rather than solid evidence. So, taking the counter argument into account isn’t required in this case. Whether you’re working on a paper for a composition class or you’re simply sending a letter to a magazine editor, a thoroughly crafted argument with sturdy evidence will undoubtedly make your writing more effective and persuasive. You only require reading this review through to learn how to start a persuasive essay.

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Brainstorming and outlining your paper

First, you should determine and then narrow your theme. The very subject of your paper might be predetermined if you’re doing this for a class, for example. In other cases, for example if you’re working on a newspaper editorial, you might enjoy more freedom to pick up a suitable topic for your paper. You’d better have your theme narrowed to enable yourself to write about something specific.

Let’s assume you need to depict the prison system in America. That’s a huge topic, isn’t it? Narrowing this theme will greatly simplify your writing. What about focusing on the rates of literacy among prisoners? It’s much easier to cover this topic, than the first, general one.

Having narrowed your topic, you can shift to thinking about what you’re eager to tell about it. We hope you know for sure why you’re so overwhelmed with this theme and you also know the best solution to the issue you’re highlighting. That’s the beginning of your paper’s thesis. In other words, it’s an argument. As we’ve just told above, persuasive papers always appeal to the audience’s emotion. Respectively, you require considering the most emotional aspects of your theme.

Brainstorming ideas with somebody can help a lot. It’s because another person can contribute a bunch of worthy ideas or at least one brilliant. You can also let your idea be expanded or improved. For instance, when illustrating the treatment of factory farmed pigs, you might stress that the given treatment needs to be forbidden as it’s inhumane.

Ideas for supporting your evidence need to be brainstormed too. You should prepare a list of different reasons, which might be suitable to back your thesis statement. Of course, some of these reasons might be foolish. Nevertheless, they deserve to be jotted down as they might contain a kernel of truth, which might be valuable for your paper.

You can root these reasons in emotion and appeal to the audience’s sense of ethics or moral responsibility. You don’t need substantiated evidence, keep working with emotions.

Pick up the most suitable 3-5 examples. You can hardly illustrate every single piece of evidence you stumble on. You’d better stick to the most convincing one.

A rough draft

You require writing a rough draft of the thesis statement. The thesis statement, you’re eager to offer in your paper, actually derives from the angle, taken by you on a specific theme. Your thesis statement is expected to answer the key questions “how” and “what.” By the way, your thesis statement might suddenly change. Just don’t forget that you’re currently composing a rough draft. So, get ready to make updates on the go.

Making an outline

You can’t do without an outline for your essay. It will help you to organize your ideas and structure the essay. You can number your outline using regular numbers, Roman numerals or bullet points. Make use of concise sentences and phrases to put your thoughts on paper.

Your paper might benefit from a basic five-paragraph structure. Just spare one paragraph for the introduction, use three paragraphs for points of your evidence and for the conclusion one paragraph will suffice.

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It’s time to write an introduction

Smart essay writers start their papers with a catchy hook. It’s something hooking the audience and dragging them into the paper. A good hook will make them wish to keep reading your essay. For instance, it might be an intriguing statistic, a quotation, a rhetorical question or anything else, capable of drawing attention and holding it tight.

You require writing it concisely and confidently

You’re expected to smoothly take a stand with your paper, regardless of its purpose. Generate assertive and confident statements. Using extra words and overstating should be avoided. Your task is to engage your audience with the introductory paragraph and provide them with the sense you’re a true authority on your subject.

Good essay writers often blend their point of view with facts just to persuade the audience that the author’s opinion really makes sense.

There’re several kinds of introductions, often utilized, though they often detract readers from the argument by being extremely broad, vague or unclear or by providing irrelevant data. You can choose from these three introductions:

  • The broad introduction: Persuasive papers are completed to offer a solution to a particular issue, though connecting this stuff to greater human existence in broad phrases might sometimes be a losing method.
  • The book report information: When working on a persuasive paper dealing with a novel, you might fail to resist a strong temptation to stiff information about the book into your introduction. Of course, you can mention the full title, year of publication, author, etc., but you should realize that the given data can hardly be relevant to the thesis.
  • The dictionary definition: Establishing a definition of such a word as “slavery” is a possible variant, but it would be a less successful way to introduce a topic. If you try to copy the manner of dictionaries, you might get your audience bored to tears. You’d better try to make your introduction less formal and more personal.

We’ve just tell you nearly the same on “how to start a persuasive essay”, and a couple of strokes are left.

Work out your thesis statement

This part of your paper will argue your position and provide the audience with all the necessary clues as for how you’re going to back your point of view. To make it flow smoother you might require changing a couple of words. That’s just a draft, so you’re free to change whatever you want.

Having written the rest of your paper, it makes sense to get back to the introduction. You might decide that some lines of your thinking are obsolete and need to be replaced. It might alter the very focus of your essay. Ensure your introduction doesn’t contradict to the newly-updated body of your paper.

Writing the rest of your paper

Shape your argument. You’re expected to utilize the best examples of your evidence to back your thesis statement and introduction. You require following the outline made by you just to stay on track. Offer concrete examples, though you need to paraphrase most data, so you’re utilizing your own worlds. One paragraph needs to be employed for every piece of your evidence.

You should provide transitions. We mean sentences between every paragraph, tying them together to make them look logical enough. Otherwise, your paper might become an awful bunch of unconnected paragraphs. Transitions help the audience to properly understand what you’re telling them and how to follow the argument.

Finally you should make a conclusion. For this purpose you require restating your thesis statement as well as the key points you’ve just utilized to back the thesis statement. Ponder over creative and original points to make your paper one solid entity. You might require tweaking the working in your thesis statement.

Stay away from overarching, vague statements, which don’t tell a lot. You’d better try to create something meaningful, specific and concise.


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